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Corporate Suppliers/Product Lines:

Joseph Miorelli and Co., Inc is an approved applicator and contractor of cellular concrete technology, utilizing Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) Systems and Geotechnical Applications/Engineered Fill provided by the following corporate suppliers. Please visit the following manufacturers' websites for specific product information:

Siplast Logo

Manufacturer of vermiculite aggregate, foam concentrate for cellular concrete and Isulperm EPS Insulation. Please visit the Siplast page to learn more.
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Elastizell Logo

Manufacturer of foam concentrate for cellular concrete to be used on roofdecks and geotechnical applications. Joseph Miorelli & Co., Inc. also utilizes Elastizell for its GeoTehcnical Applications/Engineered Fills. Please visit the Elastizel page to learn more.
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Cellular Concrete

Provider of geotechnical fills, insulated roof deck construction, floor fills and leveling courses, firewalls, and stormwater runoff detention, pre-cast, reinforced floor, roof, and wall units and mine tailings disposal and backfill. Please visit the Cellular Concrete web site to learn more.
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Celcore Logo

Provider of foam concentrate for Lightweight Insulating Concrete and Geotechnical Construction. Please visit the Celcore web site to learn more.