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Siplast is a worldwide provider of lightweight insulating concrete and roof systems, among many other offerings. For full commercial product data sheets, materical safety data sheets, guide specifications, product detail, etc., please visit

The Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) system provided by Siplast is available in four mix designs: ZIC, NVS, Insulcel and Zonocel. The four designs represent a range of compressive and tensile strengths, allowing a choice of system based on substrate and project circumstances. Each design encapsulates Insulperm Insulation Board in insulating concrete. This provices fire protection, prevents air infiltration, and bonds the system to the substrate.

The standard ZIC mix is a 1:6 ratio of Portland coment volume to ZIC Concentrate Aggregate volume. ZIC is now used to new construction applications all over slotted galvanized metal decking. The standard 1:6 mix requires a minimum 2-inch thickness of ZIC over the top of the Insulperm Insulation Board.

The NVS mix is 1:3:5 ratio of Portland cement volume to NVS Concrete Aggregate volume. NVS is engineered for use over non-venting substrates and in reroofing and re-cover applications. Because of its higher compressive and tensile strengths, NVS requires only a 1-inch minimum thickness over the top of the Insulperm Insulation Board.

The Zonocel mix is a combination of Insulcel-PB pregenerated cellular foam and ZIC concrete Aggregate. Zonocel is used in new construction applications over slotted galvanized metal decking. Zonocel is placed at a minimum of 2-inch thickness over the to of the Insulperm Insulation Board.

The Insulcel mix is a combination of Insulcel-PB pregenerated cellular foam with Portland cement/water slurry. The result is an economical roof insulation system appropriate for jobs located in climates that are conducive to proper curing of cellular concrete. Insulcel Insulating Concrete is placed at a minimum 2-inch thickness over the top of the Insulperm Insulation Board.

On a given reroofing project, such as the featured projecct (link to the casino + photos), a thin slurry coat of lightweight insulating concrete is poured into place, correcting substrate irregularities and bonding the insulation board to the substrate. The insulation board thickness is then decreased to form the slope-to-drain countour. A top layer of insulating concrete is placed over the insulation board, filling the holes in the board and locking it into system without the use of fasteners. The lightweight insulating concrete is screeded to a smooth, durable, monolithic surface ideal for roofing application.

Insulperm Insulation Board
Insulperm is a premium quality, CFC-free expanded polystyrene inulation board of nominal 1 pcf density specifically designed for use in Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems. When installed in a stair-step configuration, it is the base for the system's slope-to-drain capability.

RT Surface Treatment
RT Surface Treatment is heat-activated, asphalt-based pellet that is broadcast into the surface of newly poured Insulcel Lightweight Insulating Concrete. It provides enhanced bonding when semi-adhered Paradiene 20 TS is applied directly to the surface of an Insulcel Lightweight Insulating Concrete deck. When Paradene 20 TS is torch-applied, the membrane and pellets are heat welded, resulting in a unique, highly engineered system with a first ply that is not only adhered to the deck surface, but also mechanically bonded to the concrete without penetrating the membrane.

Zono-tite and NVS Base Sheet Fasteners
Zono-tite and NVS Base Sheet Fasteners are designed to penetrate and hold lighweight concrete. Each fastener has a two-piece stem that spreads when driven, producing an inverted wedge. This shape offers withdrawal resistance of more than 40 pounds of force per fastener at the time of installation. Withdrawal resistance increasese with age.

Each base sheet fastener is sized for its specific application. The Zono-title nominal 2-inch length is designed for use with ZIC, Insulcel, and Zonocel concretes. The NVS nominal 1-inch length is for use with NVS Systems. A specially designed roofing disk allows achievement of FM Approvals 1-90 or higher wind uplift resistance. The roofing disk is preassembled with each fastener where required.

Zono-Patch Patching Compound
Zono-Patch is a unique mixture of cementitious binders, low-density fine aggregates, and proprietary additives formuulated for the repair of new and existing lightweight insulating concrete surfaces. It is resistant to moisture and sets up quickly. Its special formulation makes it possible to feather-edge patches to zero thickness and skim-coat rough surfaces.

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